ALEX: Mushi Sushi Soccer Shoes


Mushi Sushi Soccer Shoes, Book One of The ALEX Adventures series.

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Book One of The ALEX Adventures series is written for young readers,  ages 7-11.

When a dog runs away with Alex’s new soccer shoe, Alex cannot face her mother with the truth. But how can she replace the shoe when she has no money and can’t go to the store by herself? Even worse, a big soccer game is coming up at the end of the week and Alex can’t play without both soccer shoes. Join Alex and friends to see how one lie creates another and another forcing Alex into deeper and deeper trouble.

All books in this series are complete stories within themselves. They can be read and enjoyed individually as well as part of the series. The characters grow and mature as the series progresses. Chock-full of humor and realism, this series is sure to thrill young readers, both girls and boys.


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